Tibra’s Book Project:

Why Me, Why Now, Why It’s Worth It?

We invite you to submit your essay and become a part of this empowering project.

Your contribution will not only enrich our book but also light the way for future scholarship seekers in Indonesia.

Project’s Timeline

01 June 2024

Open Registration

01 June 2024
20 June 2024

Registration Closed

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20 June 2024
30 August 2024

Last Day Essay Submission

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30 August 2024
30 October 2024

Final Announcement

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30 October 2024

Why Me?

Share your unique journey and experiences that led you to pursue scholarships. What made you stand out? What personal qualities, challenges, or achievements defined your path? Your story could be the beacon of hope and inspiration for someone who is just starting their scholarship journey.

Why Now?

Explain the urgency and importance of your scholarship pursuit at this point in your life. Why was it crucial for you to act when you did? Highlight the turning points, the moments of realization, and the driving forces that made you take the leap. Your insights can help others understand the significance of timing and seizing opportunities.

Why Me?

Reflect on the rewards and benefits you gained from your scholarship experience. How has it transformed your life, career, or perspective? Share the tangible and intangible outcomes that made all the effort worthwhile. Your story can provide reassurance and motivation to those questioning their path.

Submission Guidelines

Style: Essays should be written in a style similar to a novel, capturing the essence of your journey.

Length: Each contributor will be allotted one chapter with a maximum of 2000 words.

Review: Each essay will be reviewed, edited, and, if necessary, censored to ensure quality and appropriateness.

Copyright: The copyright of the essays will belong to Tibra, but contributors will be credited.

Scholarship Essay: You can add your scholarship essays, which should be at least 1,000 words long.

Join us now!

Your experience can be the catalyst for someone’s success!

Submit your essay today and be part of a legacy of inspiration and empowerment.

Why Contribute?

Inspire Others: Your story can motivate and guide other scholarship hunters.
Recognition: Be acknowledged as a contributor in a published book.
Compensation: Selected essays will be compensated for their contributions.
Legacy: Leave a lasting impact on the scholarship community in Indonesia.

Ready to Inspire?

Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of Indonesia’s future scholarship hunters!

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