Afterschool Program

Tibra offers lessons for IGCSE, A-Level, and IB outside school hours for high schoolers. At the moment, we offer courses for math, chemistry, and physics. The course is very flexible as you can decide the time to have the course. Aside from that, you can choose to have the lesson in private or in group with your friends. You can even decide to have the course in full English, bilingual, or just in Bahasa Indonesia. We also make sure that you will have fun and engaging experience learning with us! Therefore, you can custom the course with your own preference.

Be part of the family of Tibra Overseas Edu students!

Not only just studying in class, students will also be part of a family that will help students to achieve their dreams

The classes can be in full English, bilingual, or Bahasa Indonesia

In this afterschool program Tibra offers 3 class options: Private class (1-2 students), Mini class (3-5 students), and Medium Class (6-8 students)

All programs will be implemented through Zoom Meetings and students are required to open the camera so that students stay focus and the class atmosphere is like real learning.

What Will Be Studied?


Private 1 - 2 students  Flexible    Flexible  
Small Group 3 - 5 students  Tue & Thu/Wed & Fri  4:30-6:00 pm & 7:00-8:30 pm
Medium Group 6 - 10 students  Tue & Thu/Wed & Fri  4:30-6:00 pm & 7:00-8:30 pm

Why with us?

We only use certified and experienced teachers

In terms of tutor, you don’t have to worry as our tutors are carefully selected. We make sure that they are specialized with what they teach with top notch quality! Not to mention, some of our tutors have education from overseas universities.

Not only teaching but we also provide student development

Apart from math, chemistry, and physics lessons, we also provide IELTS course to sharpen and boost students’ English skill. In addition, we also have Scholarship Pathway that guides you to get scholarship in your dream university.

We have the expertise of overseas education consultants

If you plan to study abroad, we can help to get you on board! Study abroad takes preparation, especially the administration. We will guide you through admission, study permit, even first settlement once you are landed overseas.

The satisfaction of students and parents is the main thing for us

We aim for the success of our students. The success of the students carries satisfaction that is so priceless for us. So far, our successful students have set footprints in Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom.


Full English
Monthly (8x) Quarter (24x) Semester (48x)
Private (1 - 2 students) IDR 2.800.000 IDR 8.000.000 (Hemat IDR 400.000) IDR 15.000.000 (Hemat IDR 1.800.000)
Small Group (3 - 5 students) IDR 2.400.000 IDR 7.000.000 (Hemat IDR 200.000) IDR 13.000.000 (Hemat IDR 1.400.000)
Medium Group (6-10 students) IDR 2.200.000 IDR 6.100.000 (Hemat IDR 500.000) IDR 12.000.000 (Hemat IDR 1.200.000)
Monthly (8x) Quarter (24x) Semester (48x)
Private (1 - 2 students) IDR 2.400.000 IDR 7.000.000 (Hemat IDR 200.000) IDR 13.200.000 (Hemat IDR 1.200.000)
Small Group (3 - 5 students) IDR 2.200.000 IDR 6.200.000 (Hemat IDR 400.000) IDR 11.400.000 (Hemat IDR 1.800.000)
Medium Group (6-10 students) IDR 2.000.000 IDR 5.500.000 (Hemat IDR 500.000) IDR 10.600.000 (Hemat IDR 1.400.000)
Bahasa Indonesia
Monthly (8x) Quarter (24x) Semester (48x)
Private (1 - 2 students) IDR 2.000.000 IDR 5.500.000 (Hemat IDR 500.000) IDR 10.600.000 (Hemat IDR 1.400.000)
Small Group (3 - 5 students) IDR 1.600.000 IDR 4.400.000 (Hemat IDR 400.000) IDR 8.400.000 (Hemat IDR 1.200.000)
Medium Group (6-10 students) IDR 1.400.000 IDR 4.000.000 (Hemat IDR 200.000) IDR 6.600.000 (Hemat IDR 1.800.000)
= Best Price!

What Our Students Say

It can always be a solutive and reliable place for consultation for my future education. Thank you, Tibra! ❤️
Muazzatul Faridah
From Jakarta
Consultants at Tibra are very responsive and provide many suggestions and feedback on the process of applying to any universities. Highly recommended! 👍👍
Melissa Jufenna
From Jakarta
I'm in Canada now, thanks to Tibra, who has helped me from starting to prepare files, admissions, accommodations, even to college, I still like to be monitored and asked for updates. Thank you so much, Tibra!
Nessa Hapsari
From Jakarta
Hey guys, I want to give a review for Tibra. This is a very good educational consulting company. I just finished the online English class program here. Trusted and very helpful. For friends who want to take part in the English language program and educational consultations abroad, I recommend Tibra Overseas Edu! Thanks;) ❤️❤️
Bary Modjo
From Bandung

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